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Asbestos Removal in Springfield, MA

Roof Work in Springfield, MA, Ultimate Abatement
Need asbestos or lead paint removal services? Ultimate Abatement in Western & Central Massachusetts, is happy to help. Our expert paint removers will quickly remove the undesired material without causing any harm or damage to your property.

Asbestos Removal

After it is determined that you have asbestos, we will give you a comprehensive estimate for the cost of removal. The state is then notified, and the area is surrounded with plastic and air filters to keep the asbestos contained. Our asbestos removal team will remove the affected areas using suites and respirators. Asbestos is watered, so dust particles do not become airborne.

Asbestos Disposal

Safety is our primary goal, so asbestos is removed and contained with a double layer of polyurethane sheeting and double plastic bags. We then send the asbestos to a landfill. The manifest of the transportation of asbestos to the landfill is provided for your records.