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Mold Remediation in Springfield, MA

Mold in Home, Springfield, MA, Ultimate Abatement
Interior demolitions are sometimes required to get certain areas free of mold. Ultimate Abatement in Western & Central Massachusetts, makes this process quick and easy. Even though our crew is known as asbestos and lead paint removers, we tackle mold, too.

Mold Removal

Mold is often the result of water leaks or moisture intrusions. Once the mold is found, we will demolish down to the studs if needed. An EPA-approved biocide is used to kill the mold spores and colonies. We then treat it with a special product that stops any more spores from growing.

Interior Demolitions

Demolition is sometimes necessary to gain access to the contaminated area of the home. For example, if we see asbestos in a joint compound, the state says we need to take down all the Sheetrock® and replace it.

Oil Tanks & Boiler Removal

When we remove asbestos from a boiler or oil tank, we offer to remove the oil tanks and boilers as well. We can also remove old oil tanks or boilers if you've converted to gas or upgraded your heating system.